Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Display Dilemma

So, I've been looking to add height and color to our display within my usual guidelines: cheap, upcycled, and DIY.  Which had me heading to the thrift shop this afternoon in search of a few odds and ends: 2 45s, 4 candlesticks, and a few small dishes to hold my cards and some sets of cuffs I'd like to highlight. I found a pair of candlesticks, which now need painting.

 Not a single piece of vinyl in the store, so I may need to rethink the 45s.  And I snagged a small, crystal-esque soap dish that will do nicely for card-holding purposes.

 My weekly Restore Raid yielded a giant cabinet door (from the free pile!) which was summarily loaded into my trunk before I got a chance to think about exactly why I needed it.  I go with my gut on these things, people.  After a bit of rumination, I spray-painted the door a cheery cranberry color, and decided to make it our pendant display.  I'm hoping the pop of color will work with the existing display. (We'll find out for sure on Saturday at the TBEC event.)


The next order of busy-ness is figuring out how to card and display our new bottlecap magnets.  Upcycled from security envelopes, vintage books, and comics, they're a fun little addition to the booth that probably won't make it into the Etsy shop.  I'm playing around with a bunch of different ideas, but I'm looking for something that's low-labor.

The pendant cards are a pain in the hind-end to make.  Luckily, I'm in love with them, so they'll get made in spite of the fact that they're a great, big, ginormous bother.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

'Tis the Season...

There is swearing.  And blood.  And crying, and fast food, and much unwarranted grumpiness.   There's glue in my hair, spray paint under my nails, and a terrifying amount of overthinking going on in the wee smalls.

Yup, it's market season, and everything else has faded into a blur.  How to card those magnets? Horizontal display, or vertical?  Where can we add some color?  Some height?  Stickers or business cards? Free shipping, or a percent-off discount?  This, people, is what keeps me up nights.  And don't even get me started on the "what-ifs..."

Monday, November 17, 2014

Back in the saddle again...

Two years ago, I lost my blog mojo. I got out of the rhythm of putting my days into words, and I've been putting off getting back into that useful habit.  So, if you were following me over at littlegreenbums, you're going to feel like you've missed a few episodes.  No worries.  I'll fill you in.

If you've just tuned in, welcome!  I'm Wendy---fangirl, thrifter, and maker of things