Tuesday, February 3, 2015


...when you set up at a show and realize that you've forgotten a critical piece of cuff-making gear.

Like a bracelet bender, or a bench block.  And you weep hot tears of maker-ly frustration because you know that now you'll have to take orders for all of your customs instead of making them on-site, and that means eating the shipping fees and people not having instant gratification and it's all your fault.

Yeah, it's happened to us a time or two, and would you like to know why?  Because, until yesterday, there was only one Bang-Bang Kit.  The Bang-Bang Kit---or the BBK, as I've just dubbed it, having typed it twice and not liked messing around with that hyphen and those nasty capitals this early in the morning---consists of a plastic tote that holds all of the essentials for cuff-crafting.  Aluminum blanks, metal stamps, bench block, brick, bracelet bender---what an alliterative craft I practice!--- steel wool, polishing cloths, and a selection of sharpies.  I schlepp it back and forth with our gear, and it comes inside when I need it between shows, to build inventory or fill online orders.  And therein lies the rub; entirely too often a piece of much-needed equipment is left languishing on the workshop table when I unpack my gear at the next event.

Sean talked me into ordering a second bracelet bender and bench block a few weeks back.  I finally got around to making that esteemed purchase late last week, and they landed in my mailbox last night.  And there was much rejoicing. 

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  1. The more I plan ahead, the more things I leave behind. But for you, that's a major thing! Glad you got a second set, you'll thank yourself later for doing that.
    Great post btw, I'm sure it hits home for the majority of us!