Monday, January 26, 2015

Fandom Subway Art

We're starving for wall decor in our little house, and I'm mad about subway art.  It occurs to me, linking up with my old blog, that I probably should have reread that post before putting this canvas together. Because, apparently, I'm reasonably consistent in my mistake-making.

Anyway, I had a good-sized canvas to work with, and one of the local office supply stores was going out of business.  I scored a stash of vinyl letters for 90% off (squee!), and I knew what I wanted: an homage to our favorite tv shows.  I started this project back in October, then went on hiatus when the madness of holiday markets consumed our every waking hour.  (It got seriously hairy there, for awhile. Also, it said "Buffy the Vampire Slaye" for weeks, and that set my poor, spelling-sensitive nerves on edge each time I looked at it.)  I finally finished up last night, when I added in the last batch of shows and hit the spray paint. 

I have some touching up to do; some of the tinier letters kind of melted when the spray paint hit them and didn't leave a clear impression.  And, of course, I listed one show twice---(can you find it?---and left out a few (Warehouse 13, Psych, and The Listener) that I remembered at the very moment the spray paint fumes settled. 

All in all, though, I'm pretty pleased with my handiwork, and can't wait to get it on the wall.


  1. You are so brave to take that on Wendy, I'm such a scarey cat when it comes to large projects like that! You're my inspiration though; gotta keep trying things I think I can't do!

    1. It's all about filling in the blanks, Kari---blank walls mean moving out of Ye Olde Comfort Zone and making wall decor. :)