Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shop update and a giveaway!

November and December were kind of a blur.  A busy, happy blur, but they went by in a frantic rush of markets and making.  We were constantly under the gun to keep our inventory up, and I'm pretty sure that visions of sugarplums were entirely eclipsed by frenzied 3 AM fretting over whether the resin would set, the bracelet blanks would arrive in time for whatever events we had that weekend, and whether it was actually reasonable to assume that I could card 60 pendants on the way to Sarasota. (It was, in fact.  And, no---I wasn't driving.)

Lots of new cuff designs made their way into our market setup with precious little fanfare. (Unless you happened to be following us over on Instagram, in which case there may have been a modicum of hasty, hey-look-I-made-this show-offery and perhaps a some half-hearted hashtagging, but still.)  The point is that the shop has been languishing while we played store, and we've finally gotten around to fixing that.

A couple of cuffs that have been knocking around in my brain for too long finally came to fruition earlier this week.  Makers gonna make is one of my favorite hashtags over on IG, and our stint at St. Pete Maker Fest gave me the impetus to go ahead and do just that.  It's in the shop now, and was actually our first order of the new year!  Pretty sure that's an omen.  The good kind, right?

Not my circus, not my monkeys has been my unofficial motto for a few years, now.  Works like a charm in situations from traffic jams to family feuds, and keeps me well and truly focused on whose drama belongs to whom.  Try'll see!

You can also check out some new fandom-y goodness in the shop.  We've added another Firefly cuff, an homage to Joss Whedon, and, of course, the Printsicle-inspired ain't nobody got time for that.  Lots more on the way...I'm shooting to list one a day. Goals, right?  You can tell it's January.

In other news, we're approaching 300 followers on Facebook, Instagram, and in our Etsy shop.  When we hit those milestones, you can be sure there's going to be a giveaway.  We'll keep you posted!


  1. Hey, I pinned your blog! See you Saturday!

  2. Woo Hoo! Nice post Wendy! I hope you make your goal soon, I'm thinking I need a new cuff for the new year! Let us know how it's going.

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'll keep you in the loop!