Thursday, December 4, 2014

Almost Atomic!

Sunday is Atomic.  I'm in a bit of a tizzy: displays, inventory and packaging are all mid-overhaul, which makes perfect sense given the timeframe I'm working with...

We did a couple of markets last weekend--the TBEC Small Business Saturday event, and the Harbor Island Art Walk.  It was a great opportunity to meet up with the local Etsy folk, and a chance to test-drive the new display.  A few glitches to work out, but all in all we're good. 

I've been telling myself I need to make a schedule so I can keep from getting totally overwhelmed, but I haven't gotten to it just yet. 

There's a new display box to make, a much-needed order of blanks that's coming in on Thursday, pendants to make (and detail, and card...), a stash of magnets to glue (and fill and card) and, oh, yeah---cuffs.  I need more cuffs!

There will be much banging and clanging chez nous this week, and the tumbler will be running 24/7, no doubt.  I'm not much fun to hang out with right now, and I'm not sure how The Boy puts up with me.  I'm grateful that he does, though.  He's cool like that.

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