Monday, December 8, 2014


What a weekend!  We had a blast at Atomic, and our stuff seemed to be well-received.  So many vendors, so much to take in...and I'm pretty sure I was able to process about 15% of what I saw.  Sensory overload, to say the least, but so very, very worth it!

We met up with a bunch of our TBEC peeps, and met some new vendors, as well.  Did a little bartering, made some contacts, and found another event to get excited about!  You'll be able to find us at St. Pete Maker Fest on the 21st...a great opportunity to pick up those last minute gifts and check out the local maker scene.  (Also the debut of our tent.  I caved.  I couldn't help it.  So now I can agonize over prettifying that, as well.)

Couple of fun points to ponder about our experience at Atomic:

1. I usually suffer from a massive need to decompress after a show.  I get whiny, and irritable---yes, sounds like my before-show self, but I swear, it's different---and come home and sit around in sweats and watch TV and eat carbs for a couple of hours.  That didn't happen this time.  Don't know why.

2. Always. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. Set up your display at home before you take it to a show.  Especially if you keep switching it up because you suddenly feel compelled to make 413 new pendants.  Because it WON'T fit. And then you'll be a basket case and take 2 and a half hours to set up and no one will like you anymore. Trust me on this one.

On a more positive note, The new displays will work wonderfully when we have more than six feet of linear space to work with.  And they were free from my local ReStore.  They used to be cabinet doors, and I wrested them off of the cabinet box myself.  (Which was fun for all the folks in the parking lot---crazy lady giving a free show!)

The two hinges that survived the aforementioned wresting got a coat of red spray paint and became our ne business card holders.  Upcycle, baby!

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