Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More Markets!

I figured our "season" had wound down a bit, but it's hard for me to say no to an opportunity to vend. I'm a total introvert, but I love these chances to put ourselves out there and meet the people our cuffs are going home with.  So we'll be at the Grandiversary Block Party at the St. Pete Community CafĂ© ---ohmygosh, I love St. Pete!---on the 10th from 3-9 and at Whole Foods Market in Tampa from 5-8 on the 21st for the Local Market Night. And, yes, we did add some lights to our setup, so you can see all the pretties in the dark. 

Still busy pimping the tent---we've been putting together a Bunting of Much Fabulousness, and I'm smack in the middle of a new banner.  (Regulation size for the big markets---like Seminole Heights and St. Pete Indie, if anybody's looking for hints as to where we may pop up in the next few months...) Using my old standby, the trusty drop cloth, for both projects, and I have this to offer:  New drop cloths smell like socks.  Not new socks.  Ugh.

Lots of other stuff going on---still futzing around with the blog, obviously, and working on a new line that we hope hope hope to debut (gulp) next week!


  1. How cool is it that we will be at two events together in January! Fun times! Looking forward to seeing that "new thing" that you are working on!